Purchasing locally grown foods provides a simple way to support sustainable development in your community.  While you help support economic development and sustainable use of local land through your purchase, you also benefit from access to a variety of fresh, peak-season produce.

Often times, seeking out a local farmers market or locally produced foods exposes you to a wider, more unique variety of produce.  The reason being, through local delivery, farmers are not necessarily restricted to producing only hearty items with a shelf-life known to withstand a lengthy farm to market logistical process.  Even more importantly, local production and purchase means your food travels less miles, positively impacting the effort to reduce fuel consumption and improve air emissions.

Of course, there will always be items that are not locally available due various reasons such as climate, land availability, season, etc.  Realistically, there are certain areas with less access to local farmers markets or locally produced food.  However, as the local production movement continues to gain momentum, access to local food markets and the ability to locate these services and products has increased through use of technology, social media tools, and the development of websites or apps dedicated to the local food movement.

As a final point of clarification, local food does not equal organic food.  While locally grown food can be certified organic, it is not a given.  If you are concerned with the production process, speak with the farmers at the market (a unique benefit to knowing the person that produced your food!).  You can inquire on how (or if) pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used in the production process.  From there, you are free to make your own informed decision on whether or not to purchase the local produce.

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2 Responses to “What Benefits Come from Buying Local Foods?”

  • Adrian says:

    I had mixed success; it was very easy to prudcoe main meals from local suppliers, not so easy to do without tea and coffee! Buying in season brought obvious benefits in cost and taste, and, I guess, nutrition. Sadly, most food labelled Organic or Farm prudcoe from Devon, or anywhere else come to that, had a cost hike compared to the supermarket equivalents, and those equivalents were available until 8 at night and came complete with instructions.I shall be back to the independents I may even blog my cooks progress

  • This guy probably fights poodles at his Good Newz Kennels while smoking apple tobacco from his mersham pipe.Clean up the dirty South, Matt!

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