Increasingly, there are options for you to support the production of electricity from renewable sources from your electric utility by directly purchasing green power or participating in a green pricing program.

Green power refers to electricity supplied (in whole or in part) from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, biomass, hydropower, and geothermal.  Options to support green power are expanding as electricity markets open to competition and regulated utilities offer green pricing programs.  In an open market, customers are provided electricity supply options, which could include purchasing electricity from a renewable source.  In electricity markets that remain regulated, utilities are increasingly developing and implementing green pricing programs.  Green pricing programs offer the customer an option to pay a premium on their electric bill to support any above market cost for acquiring electricity from renewable sources.

Purchasing green power or participating in a green pricing program can help offset air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the burning of fossil fuels.  Your purchase and/or participation of green energy products also helps create and expand renewable energy markets.

Pricing and availability vary widely by market as well as renewable source (e.g. wind, solar, biomass).  If interested in green energy products, your initial step is to determine the status of your market (open competition or regulated) and continue from there.  Green energy products provide a way to leverage individual support in the effort to cost-effectively produce green energy.

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