Production of energy management systems that monitor your residential or business energy use is ramping up to become more accessible and more user friendly – this trend is only expected to continue as utilities conduct pilot programs and early adopters continue to lead the way in demonstrating the benefits of energy management gadgets.

Think of older thermostat models.  Their basic functionality was to adjust the temperature – up or down.  You could easily leave the house or fall asleep with the heat blazing or air conditioning blasting needlessly, for hours on end.  Newer thermostat technology allows for programming, tracking of energy usage, remote functionality, and adjustments based on weather or even adapting to your schedule.

Now think of an energy monitor that displays your real-time energy usage.  If you had a gadget that provided a snap-shot of how much energy your house was using and how that related to your peak usage and utility rates, you would be much more aware of energy usage and more likely to turn off unused lights or appliances or adjust the thermostat accordingly.  The main idea behind using an energy management system in your home is the awareness and readily accessible real-time data it provides and the impact that has on your behavior.

The key advantage to the smart energy monitoring technology is the immediacy of the results.  Energy management technology eliminates the lag time of your energy usage to receiving the monthly utility bill in your inbox or mailbox.  Programmable thermostats are fairly common.  Energy monitors are available today but are not yet considered mainstream.  This is a technology worth researching and staying on the lookout for, as it provides an invaluable tool for reducing your energy consumption and saving on your utility bills.

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  • What commands are you using to send to your SmartLinc? I got one of those and culrrntey just use their address of to get into my system but on Evo 4g the java webpage loads very slowly. Do you happen to have an .apk that you can I can use? My evo is rooted btw.Alex

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