In many parts of the country, the pressing heat of summer has started to subside.  While the weather hasn’t turned cool yet, it’s at least bearable to spend time outside.  Don’t let the weather (or those windows you’re now able to open) change lull you into being comfortable with the state of your home’s energy efficiency.  We all know that Fall and Winter are inevitable.

Now’s the time to plan your energy checks so that you still have time to implement changes before the fierce weather kicks in.  Here are some ideas to improve your home’s comfort this season:

  • Start with the quick fixes, including windows and doors.  Do they fit well and close easily?  Do you feel air escaping?
  • Clean the coils of your refrigerator and freezer.  A build-up of dust keeps the appliance from operating at its fullest.
  • Cover any window air conditioning units tightly with plastic to prevent cold air from rushing inside.
  • Consider installing a radiant barrier into your attic on top of existing insulation.

You may have heard of some of these ideas before.  Radiant barrier may have the most significant impact on your energy bill, so don’t overlook the value a small investment now will bring you over the lifetime of home ownership.

Radiant barrier, also called reflective foil insulation, serves as a barrier to block the transfer of radiant heat from one place to another.  When placed along the floor joists in your attic, perforated radiant barrier will reflect the heated air from your living space (which rises into the attic) back down to prevent escape through the attic.  The result is a more comfortable home at a lower thermostat setting, and lower electric bills.

I found this article about attic insulation that provides more detail.  Take a look.

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