Right now there’s extensive media coverage on the Deepwater Horizon issue.  One of the best resources I’ve found has been Fast Company for their use of many different reporters each approaching the issue from different angles.

I imagine for those unfamiliar with the Gulf Coast region of the USA it may be difficult to really imagine the colossal impact this global tragedy will have for the people of Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas.  The issue may even seem somewhat remote in comparison with other national topics like health care reform, the economy, and joblessness.

The reality is, whether you live in North Dakota or Louisiana, everyone will feel the effects of the oil spill for decades to come. The downstream effects of an ecological and biological disaster of this proportion have monumental impact on our lives beyond comprehension.

Send a heartfelt “thank you” to the generous people donating their time and potentially their future health to help combat the oil spill.

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