Sledding is just about one of my kids favorite pastimes.  They live for the chance to go farther or faster than one of their siblings.  Over the years, we’ve bought a number of really nice sleds and boards all claiming to be the best ride.  Sometimes these pieces of equipment have been costly.  Other times, they’ve just led to disappointment when the claims didn’t hold true, or the quality was so poor the item fell apart after a couple good-sized hills.

Being a thrifty and practical kind of person, I’ve found ways to duct tape some of them back together.  I’ve used heavy coats of wax to make the bottoms more slick.  I even went so far as to use a light piece of board and some screws to hold a couple of pieces which wanted to split together, just to eek a little more life out of the sled.

Inspiration came one day when I heard about my youngest using the wax paper from his sandwich to grease his way down the slide at the playground.  My mind immediately turned to the reflective insulation I’d used to make our home more efficient by reducing the loss and gain of radiant heat through the attic.  Turns out I still had some scraps of the reflective insulation in the garage, so I began cutting strips off for each of the kids to use.

A few weeks later, we got another good snowfall.  It was time to test our theory that reflective insulation was so smooth and slick that it would make the best sled around.  With a good sprint and a leap, my kids went sailing down the hill on their reflective insulation sled.  Fun times!  And a good way to make good use from leftover material.

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