Are you considering ways to reduce your heating bills and wonder if garage insulation is for you? This article can tell you more.

There are lots of commonly known ways to help combat home heating costs.  One is caulking windows and doors to block incoming air drafts.  Sometimes, total window replacement is necessary in order to get a good fit and a tight seal.  Another tactic to try is using foam insulation to fill cracks and spaces behind electrical outlets and wall switches.  Remember, little things add up!

If you’re heard of radiant barrier, then you know it’s a great product that can be used in conjunction with existing traditional insulationinsulation in your attic.  The radiant barrier blocks the flow of radiant heat generated by your furnace to create a cozy environment in your living spaces.  Once that heat begins to rise, it meets the radiant barrier in your attic and is deflected down to the living space.  You’ll be able to set the temperature lower and remain as comfortable as before.

The same type of technology works perfectly in your garage.  Garage insulation is used on garage doors and the surrounding joints to block the flow of warmer air, effectively keeping it inside where you want it.

Garage insulation also has some side benefits of greater privacy, and possibly even some noise abatement (perfect if you have a “garage band” family member).  For households where the garage is insulated, this product is especially important as it helps ease the burden on your HVAC system.  On cold mornings, especially, you can reduce the risk of your vehicle not starting due to low temps because the garage insulation will have maintained a consistent temperature overnight, despite drops outside.

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