As winter bears down on us, the thought of doing much of anything in the garage becomes undesirable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this space available to comfortably use the whole year round?

We all use our garages for storage, hobbies, woodworking, car repair and whole a lot more. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of this extension of your house all year long but if you live in a cold winter state, it’s usually not practical. It’s way too cold for comfort.  However, there is an easy fix which most people don’t even realize: garage insulation like radiant barrier.

I recently began exercising again after a long lapse, a few years. I have found the garage to be the perfect location to do my running in place and jumping around. No, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing area but since I exercise at 6 am, I am more concerned about finding a spot where I wouldn’t have to worry about making noise and waking anyone in the house. For me, it was ideal temperature-wise: cool in the fall and in the summer, I could open the doors if it was too hot. But, now it is winter and way too cold to do anything out there.  I don’t want my physical fitness to suffer, and I need an alternative to freezing!

After a little online research and following some talks with our contractor, I found that our garage walls are already insulated although there are no heat or cooling ducts in the area. But the doors were not insulated. That turned out to be our biggest source of cold air coming in (and the ruination of my exercise area). Thankfully, this was an easy fix. Installing the door insulation is a beginner do-it-yourself project. You can purchase the materials separately or in a kit. Basically, all you need to do is cut the pieces provided to fit your particular door and then glue it or staple it in place. It couldn’t be much easier!

Besides restoring my exercise area, this improved garage insulation has allowed me to complete some woodworking projects (instead of taking the whole winter off) and made getting down Christmas decorations a lot more pleasant. No more excuses for keeping Santa up until April!  We hope to see some improvements in our energy costs but even without that it was worth the additional insulation project to be able to use this space more comfortably all year long.  It also has provided a bit more usable living space as well.

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