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So you’ve decided to install radiant barrier in your home, yes?  Good move.  I installed EcoFoil in my home this summer and can’t wait to see (and feel!) the difference in my heating bill this winter.

The experts at EcoFoil knew folks like us needed some tips before we got started with our projects.  Here’s another of their great videos, this one reviewing the steps involved just prior to installation:

  • how to measure
  • tools needed
  • safety precautions

Energy efficiency is a hot topic, and there are a ton of resources available to help you improve things around your home.  One economical product I’ve found is radiant barrier which is installed in attics and used in conjunction with mass insulation products to greatly minimize the transfer of radiant heat.  I called several companies to learn more, but this video from the folks at EcoFoil was really handy at getting the big picture about radiant barrier.  Take a look below.

EcoFoil Radiant Barrier