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There are several variables determining the best-fit green car option for you.  Fuel costs, performance, and vehicle cost are primary drivers in choosing a car.  Vehicle technologies have developed rapidly over the past decade and accessibility to technology has increased.

The most commonly available advanced vehicle technology on the roads today includes alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.  We have also seen an increase in production of more fuel efficient models, which certainly should not be discounted.

Pros and cons exist with each option, but investing in a vehicle that burns less fossil fuel is a positive step to:

  • help reduce air pollution
  • lessening U.S. dependence on foreign oil
  • save money spent on fuel

Choosing to drive a green car represents an individual choice that yields communal benefits.

An alternative fuel vehicle is considered a dedicated, flexible fuel, or dual-fuel vehicle.  An alternative fuel green car is designed to operate on at least one alternative fuel.  Hybrid vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine that runs on conventional or alternative fuel and an electric motor the uses energy stored in a battery.  The battery is charged through regenerative breaking and by the engine and is not plugged in.  Electric vehicles use a battery to store the electric energy that powers the motor.  The battery is charged through plugging the vehicle into an electric power source.  Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology also exists (the battery is charged through an electrical power source rather than regenerative breaking).

Before Buying a Green Car

  • Consider your driving habits  – how much city versus highway driving, do you plan on doing?
  • What is the availability and proximity of alternative fuel stations or charging stations where you live?
  • What can you afford?  Putting yourself in debt to get a green car is not sustainable living. (Don’t forget to factor in Federal an State incentives.)

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