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As you upgrade to newer, more efficient technologies or your older models begin to falter,it’s time to consider your plan for recycling appliances. taking proper care to recycle or properly dispose of electronics and appliances is an important step in supporting a sustainable environment.  Taking a few extra steps to recycle or ensure proper disposal is a worthy effort, and becoming easier to accomplish with an increase in manufacturer programs as well as local recycling programs.

If you are upgrading, but the existing item is still in working condition, consider donation.  Some donation centers will pick up, while others operate drop off-centers – either way you can benefit from a tax write-off.  This is an excellent way to help ensure the item is not discarded prior to the end of its useful life.  Another idea might be to consider swapping your item (again, assuming it is in working condition) for something else you need.  Swapping services are a great means to recycle as well as save money by avoiding the cost of brand-new items.

If either donating or recycling is not an option, research e-waste drop-offs or pick-ups in your area.  New programs and incentives are constantly being developed to address handling e-waste.  Also check with your utility as there are some programs that will credit or rebate you for upgrading to more efficient appliances.

Manufacturers and retailers have also developed recycling or trade-in programs which are worth looking into – often times there will not be a fee, although sometimes a small fee may be applied.  With some recycling or trade-in programs, a credit towards a new purchase is provided.  All these options are worth researching to find the best fit for sustainably managing upgrades and replacements of your appliances and electronics.

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